Massage Easy Back-Grey
Product Model:Item: Easy Back, SOHO Back, back cushion, back support, lumbar support, auto back cushion, far infra
Origin Taiwan
Weight 2.2 KGS
Warranty One year.
Color Purple

Massage Easy Back

AC adapter

Car charger

Materials and Function
Surface Twin backs - Composited TPR.
Headrest N/A
Backrest Composited TPR and FIR with vibration motors. Height adjustable.
Shoulder rest Composited TPR, height adjustable for 7 sections. Without vibration motors
Seat N/A
Arms N/A
Mechanism N/A
Gas Lift N/A
Chair Base N/A
Caster N/A


Massage Easy Back gets the patent of the separate back cushions structing by upper and lower, left and right blades. It provides the utmost relaxation from the shoulder, back to lumbar for long time leaning or working.

1.- Back cushions with vibration massaging function and added far infrared ingredient.

2.- Two-way ventilation allows air-flow.

3.- Dynamic twin-back designed for spinal protection either in action or static sitting.

4.- Separate twin backs keep spine decompressed and protect lumbar.

5.-Uses reactive principle to support lumbar vertebra, release pressure,beautifies and corrects sitting posture.

6.-Uses high-carbon iron springs.

7.-Composite TPR twin backs, applies tricolor molding technique to combine the soft and hard materials and doubly promote the dual effects of anti-slippery an drelaxtion.

8.- Available for all kinds of chairs, such as office chair, car seat, and sofa, etc.

9.- Quick installation. Just use the elastic strap to settle it against a chair backrest.