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Well Run Technology Co., Ltd
established since 1976 has ever been dedicated in manufacture of chair components and ergonomic office chairs.  Nowadays, we are committed to achieve excellence in healthcare and develop the spine-care back cushions and insoles with the Othopedics Therapists.  Apart from being a specialized back-care chair manufacturer, we merge a new concept of spinal care and ergonomics into our products, and build up our own brand-names, “Energyback” and “Suit Free”.  We aim to provide practical and comfortable healthcare products with excellent quality at an affordable price and comprehensive premium service.
Since we launched the "Energyback” twin-back cushions, we have felt the urgent need from the market for spinal health products, and further developed a brand-new "Suit Free" Sensing Health Footpad by technical cooperation with Germany.  We use of foot mechanics and back mechanics and apply high-tech composite materials and pressure-equalization support design, not only "cushioning" foot force, it is a "pressure-equalization" "support" type of all-round insole. With Yongquan point, arch, and heel , three in one, for shock absorption and cushioning support, to adjust the gait and beautify posture, and reduce risk while walking or taking exercise, improve the efficiency of movement to achieve the foot care realm of decompression and safe movement with ease and comfort.
In addition, we apply silver ion antibacterial agents and far-infrared anions with the characters of mildew resistance, anti-stinky, and promoting circulation.  While containing sensing temp color-change ingredients, it changes color by the variation of body temperature to reflect the state of foot force in time, and to show when standing and walking, the location of the foot force in order to timely perception of temperature changes and foot health.
Well Run is attentive to product development, uphold the concept of the best products to consumers, emphasizing health care from the daily life and make it easy and simple, double care by our foot pads and spinal care cushions, where you get health and care at one time and enjoy LOHAS life style.

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