WR-03 Vogue Stool-Black
Product Model:Item: Vogue stool, bar stool, coffee chair, lounge chair, dining chair, posture chair, camera chair
Origin Taiwan
Weight 6.2 KGS
Warranty One year.
Color Black/grey, Grey/grey.

Tubular legs

  Steel footrest

Materials and Function
Surface Composited TPR
Headrest N/A
Backrest N/A
Seat Composited TPR added FIR anions ingredient
Arms N/A
Mechanism N/A
Gas Lift N/A
Chair Base N/A
Caster N/A
Fabric cover  N/A

WR-03 Vogue Stool

1.- Added far infrared anions ingredient.

2.- Hip-up shapped to support vertebra, release pressure and beautifies sitting posture.

3.- Composite TPR materials apply dual-color molding technique to combine the soft and hard materials and doubly promote the dual effects of anti-slippery and relaxation.

4.- Spiral type structure design for quick assembly without tools.