WR-903GAD LOHAS back care chair
Product Model:Item: office chair, twin-back chair, ergonoomic chair
Origin Taiwan
Weight 20 KGS
Warranty One year.
Color Grey stripe
Components: Headrest
  Gas lift
  Chair base

Materials and Function
Surface High breathable elastic bamboo carbon fiber mesh 
Headrest High breathable elastic bamboo carbon fiber mesh surface with a layer of memo-foam inside.  Adjustable for angles.
Backrest High breathable elastic bamboo carbon fiber mesh with hight adjustable lumbar support.
Seat High breathable elastic bamboo carbon fiber mesh
Arms Height adjustable arms.
Mechanism Made of Aluminum with free-sectional positioning.
Gas Lift Nitrogen stuffing and meets ANSI/BIFMA standards. 
Chair Base Made of Aluminum.  350 mm diameter.
Caster 60mm nylon casters with TPR tread for hard floor
Mechanism Metal, multi-sectional positioning. Seat slide is included.



1.- Applies hi-tech elasticity bamboo carbon fiber breathable mesh made in USA.

2.- Durable and maintains flexibility as always.

3.- With excellent ventilation and cooling function.

4.- Dynamic twin-back designed for spinal protection either in action or static sitting.

5.- Uses reactive principle to support lumbar vertebra, release pressure, and beautify sitting posture.

6.- Composited TPR backrests allow air-flow for ventilation. Washable fabric covers included.

7.- Seat slide included.