Back Regain and Easy Back series are Launching New Colors for 2018


Have you felt back pain? No more bad sitting position affects your posture and health! When you need to stay sedentary for work or lifestyle, you must choose the lumbar cushion with the ergonomic design to help relieve pressure of your spine and avoid back pain!

Here, our back cushions, Back Regain and Easy Back under the brand Energyback upgrade more in comfort by reducing your lumbar pressure and more colors for option. We use three-color molding technique of the state-of-the-art to build the perfect curve with flexible cushioning support. Makes you lean with ease on the well-designed lumbar cushion. However your body swings, it makes you enjoy and release pressure effortless. Besides classic black and grey, we are launching the new colors including purple, blue, and peach, each of them with a combination with the black provide more options to you. 

If your current cushion makes you uncomfortable or sit with bad posture, it’s time to replace, before it makes your health and posture further worse! Welcome to visit our official web site at and contact us. 

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