WR-902 LOHAS back care chair
Product Model:Item: office chair, twin-back chair, ergonoomic chair,4 back support for office chair
Origin Taiwan
Weight 20.6 KGS
Warranty One year.
Color Grey stripe
Components: Backrest
  Gas lift
  Chair base

Materials and Function
Surface Elastic bamboo carbon fiber mesh
Headrest N/A
Backrest Composited TPR and fabric covers
Seat Elastic bamboo carbon fiber mesh
Arms Height adjustable arms.
Mechanism Metal, multi-sectional positioning
Gas Lift Nitrogen stuffing and meets ANSI/BIFMA standards.
Chair Base Reinforced plastic chair base
Caster 50mm nylon casters



Ergonomic Twin-back Office Mesh Chair with Casters 

1.- Applies hi-tech elasticity bamboo carbon fiber breathable mesh made in USA.

2.- Durable and maintains flexibility as always.

3.- With excellent ventilation and cooling function.

4.- Dynamic twin-back designed for spinal protection either in action or static sitting.

5.- Uses reactive principle to support lumbar vertebra, release pressure, and beautify sitting posture.

6.- Composited TPR backrests allow air-flow for ventilation. Washable fabric covers included.