S-01 Gel Seat pad
Product Model:back cushion, back support, lumbar support
Origin Taiwan
Weight 1 KG
Warranty One year.
Color Blue
Size 45L x 45W (cm)
  Gel Seat pad

Materials and Function
Surface Ingredients of Gel: 92.5% Polyol, 7.5% MDI.
Headrest N/A
Backrest N/A
Shoulder rest N/A
Seat N/A
Arms N/A
Mechanism N/A
Gas Lift N/A
Chair Base N/A
Caster N/A


S-01 Gel Seat Cushion, smooth and comfortable tactality. Applies GEL one-piece molding technology to make out the depression seat cushion. The material of GEL itself has high praise in the physical healing and makes the body and mind achieve upmost relaxation shortly. Suitable for all kinds of chairs.